Imagine it's your wedding day and you are all set to tie the knot and vow ‘I do’ but suddenly your ex turns up at the ceremony and boom! Isn’t it is scary? Well, something similar has happened with a groom who was all set to marry the woman of his life and his ex-girlfriend gatecrashes the wedding eve. What interesting here is that the woman appears at the wedding venue in a full bridal gown.

According to Daily Mail, the woman allegedly burst in during the wedding and begged her ex to take her back.

The video of the incident that has gone viral on Chinese social media platform shows, the ex-girlfriend apologising loudly to groom while kneeling in front of the couple on the wedding stage at the ceremony. It is not clear where in China the incident took place.

The woman also pulls the groom’s wedding coat before being pulled away from the venue. “It was my fault,” the ex-girlfriend can be heard yelling in the video. All this drama leaves the groom is shock and the groom can be seen consoling her.

The weird wedding emcee is heard saying "we have an unexpected situation here" before adding "perhaps this is the reality of love".

Although the groom tried hard to explain the situation to the bride, she walked off the stage. The has now gone viral on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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